I have a vision of a walkable, inclusive, and multi-generational Palo Alto that provides housing and transportation choices for all residents.

Housing choices for all generations

  • Focus new housing near transit, services, and commercial corridors
  • Empower the community to create plans for areas like California Avenue, Downtown, and San Antonio
  • Encourage flexible housing types such as studios and small units, assisted living, accessory dwellings, and cottages or bungalows
  • Require homes to be for housing: AirBnB regulations + fair study of “ghost housing”

A sustainable transportation system built for people

  • Biking, walking, and using transit should be safe, accessible, and easy
  • Require new buildings to provide transportation for their employees
  • Invest in public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  • Partner with Uber and Lyft for rideshare services e.g. geofenced discount for PA residents
  • Support electrification of Caltrain and advocate for more frequent service
  • Provide better information about parking so that cars don’t circle

An environment we can be proud of

  • From the baylands to the hills, build a beautiful and active city where residents can walk, bike, work, shop, and interact
  • Move towards carbon-neutral gas and electricity; consider tax for carbon emissions
  • Encourage new types of open space, such as rooftop gardens and playing fields; continue to promote drought-tolerant landscaping especially on corporate campuses

Renew Palo Alto’s innovative spirit

  • Empower city staff to quickly try new ideas and improve upon them
  • Protect and promote local retail, art spaces, and neighborhood hangouts
  • Support Palo Alto as an innovative technology hub
  • Palo Alto should be a regional team-player on the big issues, not a bystander

I am always listening and learning. If you have solutions, questions, or ideas to share, please contact me.