Press Release August 15 2016


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Adrian Fine Declares Candidacy for Palo Alto City Council

Palo Alto, CA - August, 15, 2016 - Palo Alto native and Chair of the Planning & Transportation Commission, Adrian Fine, today announced his candidacy for the Palo Alto City Council.

Fine, born and raised in South Palo Alto, and a graduate of Gunn High, received an MA in City & Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a City Strategist at where he develops products, policies and partnerships to build neighborhood communities across the country. His early endorsers include several current and former Council members including Gail Price, Betsy Bechtel, Cory Wolbach, and Larry Klein.

“Having lived here for 30 years, I believe that some of the city’s recent choices have diminished the quality of life for longtime residents and opportunities for newcomers. I am seeking a seat on the council to ensure that we protect, improve and reinvigorate our city. Our region is rapidly changing, and to manage change effectively Palo Alto cannot stand on the sidelines, but needs to lead,” stated Fine.

As a lifelong resident, Fine understands the city from the Baylands to the Foothills. As a renter, Fine understands the challenges of housing. In a recent survey, more than 75% of residents say the cost of housing is an extremely or very serious problem. Fine will use his planning and community-building expertise to create housing choices for all residents, together with a modern transportation system.

Adrian Fine’s vision for Palo Alto is of an inclusive, walkable, green, and multi-generational city that listens to its residents, respects its history and innovation, and takes its future into its own hands. Fine values regional cooperation, and is committed to creating a civic culture that is as creative and as dynamic as our business culture.

To learn more, please visit Adrian can be reached at [email protected] and is available for interviews.




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