Adrian Fine for City Council

Friends, Residents, Colleagues

This campaign started small - a team of four family members and a seasoned mentor.  With your inspiration, engagement, help and encouragement, we've been able to dream big, and succeed. We're enormously grateful for all of the help we've received, and we're proud of the campaign we've run. At every turn, we've tried to embody the Palo Alto we know:

The Palo Alto we know is kind.

The Palo Alto we know is honest.

The Palo Alto we know starts small and dreams big.

I am honored to serve on the Palo Alto Council where these values will guide me.

Thank you






Hi, I’m Adrian Fine, and I’m running for city council because I see so many opportunities for our city. We have incredible intellectual, economic, and historic resources.

I was born in Palo Alto in 1986, and I’ve spent my entire life here: learning at Ohlone, JLS and Gunn; biking in our neighborhoods; and benefitting from the Palo Alto spirit. I’m currently a renter, recently engaged, and I want to raise my family in Palo Alto. I’m happy that my parents live here, and I want to be near them as they grow older.

I am an experienced local and regional planner, and I understand the appropriate use of technology to connect neighbors and build consensus:

  • I have an MA degree from University of Pennsylvania, School of Design, in City and Regional Planning.
  • I am currently Chair of the Palo Alto Planning & Transportation Commission.
  • I previously worked at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in Oakland, where I implemented emergency aid technologies across highways in the Bay Area.
  • I currently work at where I use technology to build neighborhood communities across the country.

My vision for Palo Alto is of a walkable, green, inclusive, and multi-generational city that listens to its residents, respects its history and innovation, and takes its future into its own hands. My values are: inclusiveness, pragmatism, respect for history and context, agile decision-making, listening and learning.


Why I am running

  • The course that Palo Alto is on does not serve all our “users”:  it limits our diversity, hurts longtime residents, bleeds human capital, and is resulting in an economically-gated community
  • My core message resonates: innovative transportation, housing choices, and rebooting the city’s spirit. I have pounded the pavement in neighborhoods and at farmers’ markets and people agree!
  • I belong in Palo Alto: I was born and raised here, I want to raise my family here, and I want to be near my parents as they grow older. I want that continuity for others as well
  • All my travels, education, and experience tell me that Palo Alto can be nimble & solve our problems creatively and ethically
  • I remember the innovative and dynamic city that I grew up in, I respect our history, but we’re letting our legacy go to waste

How I am going to make a difference

  • I am a professionally trained and experienced planner - I know how the system works, I have the skills to improve it, and I know how to make the system fit our community
  • I will promote investment in transportation and traffic-calming measures, creating a modern parking system, connecting with regional transit, and promoting alternatives to cars
  • I will support housing policies that respect existing neighborhoods and promote real choices for renters, seniors, and young families
  • I will bring agile decision-making to Palo Alto, something I have applied in planning and technology
  • I will be pragmatic and address each problems on its own: separating the issues of housing, office space, transportation, and parking - to avoid paralysis by analysis
  • I am going to reset the relationships with regional partners like Stanford, MTC/ABAG, nearby cities and counties, businesses, and nonprofits
  • I am a genuine voice for Palo Alto, I am a natural leader, and I am willing to stick my neck out to encourage a civic culture that is as creative as our business culture

As a native son who wants to give back, please vote for me.